Introducing my Start-up

I’m a busy person. I usually don’t have time to take my dog for a walk during the day, therefore we do a lot of night-time walking. My dog Tarnee loves exploring and sniffing all those wonderful smells the park has to offer.

Tarnee at night

The one downside of night-time walking is that I don’t want to let her off the lead. She always comes back when I call her, but I worry about her safety at night. I can’t see her, and I can’t track her. I can only hope that nothing spooks her, and she doesn’t run off.

Looking online among all the dog accessories I couldn’t find the right equipment that suited my needs. I found other people looking for the same product, but it wasn’t out there. Therefore I decided to make my own company and design the product of my dreams.

Tarnee’s best friend Banjo

Our company Spot Spot is all about providing dog lovers like you the safety gear you need to keep your dog happy and healthy. We have a dedicated team of passionate individuals who all have a dog of their own – so we can relate to the struggles you have as a dog parent and can share in your triumphs.

We understand that we have a responsibility to be conscious about sustainability, recycling, and the environmental impact of our products will have and that is why we have decided to make all components of our product out of 100% recycled materials.

Caring is what we do. We care about the safety of your dog’s no matter the situation, but we also care about helping animals who don’t have a wonderful owner of their own. That is why $2 from every product purchased by you will go towards a shelter to assist in finding  dogs their loving forever home.

Spot Spot has developed our very ‘Illumotrack Harness’.

Experience a new way to protect your buddy: With LED and GPS safety – never lose your dog again.

‘Illumotrack Harness’

The ‘Illumotrack Harness’ has 5 essentials features:

With the first one being that it’s a harness!

Next it has LED lights and a reflector strip surrounding the entirety of the harness.

A GPS tracker is inserted into the harness, and it doesn’t have a chunky appearance.

All electric components are waterproof.

Lastly the development of our own app ‘Dog Spot’.

The harness

Even though a harness is a little more complicated to put on compared to a collar, a harness is much safer. It is difficult for your dog to slip out of, it gives you better control over your dog, it reduces pulling and reduces injury to your dog’s neck.

LED Feature


The LED lights are one of the safety precautions that have been inserted into the harness. It makes the whole harness illuminate at night, making it easy to spot your dog from 900m. The LED’s can last up to 150,000-hours and are USB rechargeable.


A GPS tracking device is another safety precaution that has been inserted into the harness. It allows you to always know where your dog is, just in case they run away or decide to escape the backyard.


You never what mischief your dog might get up to when they are off lead and out exploring. Waterproofing all electronic components means that no harm will come to your dog from electrocution when they jump into a river or roll around in the mud.

‘Dog Spot’

‘Dog Spot’

When you purchase the ‘Illumotrack Harness’ you will be given a QR for your own personal account with ‘Dog Spot’. The allows you to control the LED lights by turning them off and on, as well as changing the colour. The app will also display and track your dog’s movement through the GPS and make it easy to track your dog if you ever lose sight of them.

Spot Spot being a new company means we don’t have as much experience in business as our competitors. Our dedicated team will be participating in online courses and training, to continually update and expand our skills.

Our product will be sold at a higher price than our competitors. We will always be evaluating the cost of our materials and coming up with new solutions to reduce the price to our product to make it accessible for all dog owners.

As we are still a new company and only have a small team, we only have a working prototype. This will of course change in time due to the passion and determination of our team and once we have the funding, we will work towards making the ‘Illumotrack Harness’ a reality.

We are looking for dog lovers like you to help us raise funds and provide safety products for all dogs, so no one loses their best buddy.

Head to our website to pre-order the ‘Illumotrack Harness’ and donate now!


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